I couldn’t stand to be in the house

any longer

so I went out

to the movies

I saw something

what it was

I don’t remember

but I stayed all day

a phantom roaming


the darkened rooms

blanketed forms

losing myself

an hour or two at a time


restless by the third act

seat to seat

the lingering couples

the love and litter

how odd it is

to fall beneath the cracks

waffling at the rising credits

the middling stories


well, it all must end,

and I went out the back

into the lot

the lights orange sodium buzz

rufus before his bridge

another country another evening

spent in the voids

another evening charcoaled evening

and the isometric crystals crusted

a great and airless nothing

battering itself around

in empty pockets


this is the kind of night

that can crush you

you know the ones

where someone is burning

a fire somewhere

and you think you might be able to, too

so long as it doesn’t get you first.

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