oxford university school tavern drinking

st alban’s in the night

we went out drinking

tired of the library

shelves and dust

a constant sacrifice of silence

a drink for americans

it means something different

ardent fizz

out late and up early

something in our bones

makes us hard wired

to continue throughout

to stay longer than the rest

we want to see our nights finished

is all

we stopped at your window

did you hear us then

we knew it was yours

so we knocked

without an answer

and then hurried out

hurry home

because the night was cold

strictly november


wrought in rain

and the dark window did not open

because you weren’t really there

we went back out into the night

tides carrying us out to the train tracks

back to our beds

back to the waters of dreamless sleep

windows closed against the rain

which was sure to follow

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