Movie Review

Movie Madness: “Oh, Hello”

It’s often said that comedians make great actors; it’s not so unbelievable – stand-up and comedic acting require the same beats that non-comedic actors use all the time: pacing, body language, timing, charisma. The craft is essentially the same breed, with different stripes.


Movie Madness: “Fargo”

Where the hell does one begin with Fargo? It is a twisted tale of murder, staged kidnapping, insurance fraud, mallard stamps, and pancakes; it’s a story about human selfishness and greed, mediocrity inspired by suburban living, yet it also is about persistence and the dogged pursuit of fact against circumstance.


“LOL”, Part I: A Descent Into Madness

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single girl in possession of a good movie will force it upon her friends for the rest of time. I spent a whole year absolutely obsessed with it. Theories—improbable and fantastic—were made, friendships were tested, and time was lost, spinning into the eternal rabbit hole that is […]