Southern Gothic Metropolis

There are certain places which stay with you when you stay within them long enough. The spaces you inhabit cast their influence over you, a net of culture resting wherever you lay your head—towns, houses, homes. I once called it Atlanta; now I call it elsewhere. Places which form you leave indelible marks—it’s hard to […]

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You can go so far north on this earth that everything feels like a dream. Iceland is strange. There seems to be something secret but in plain sight, known and familiar yet obscured. An odd little animal in the viewing area. It was summer. There was light all day and all night, pausing in its […]

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Orange Floss

He had only the one job: cart crates of fruit from their harvest to their convoy. One job, one rule: the best fruit must be picked. He got a break for lunch and a break near dinner. No one knew where he went when he wasn’t around. No one knew much about him at all. […]

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