yes she comes on tonight

bare orange

and full of tears

you may die

maybe tonight

but it’s all the same really

another summer in the city

and isn’t that what we’re here for



this kind

she has locked us out on the curb

so we are loosed upon the dirt

let out with the rest of the dogs

into the street

and all it holds and hides

howling at stoplights

biting at eyelet ankles

sniffing for the marrow of the thing


the heat of the day

sloughs into the crying dark

red to its bones, a heavy hot wind

rolling itself through screen doors

clattering against the back alley

of the store on the corner

along with the dice

discarded styrofoam


the rind of this thing is bitter


when we say we love her,

we mean we love what she does to us

because she can be kind when she wants to

but more often than not

we’re the child in the doorway

frightened by the storm

and finding her bed empty


dissolve and separate


the last summer night will take you in

if you stare into it long enough

and you will find yourself unraveled too

howling along at stoplights

biting at ankles

just wait

she will have you



she’ll have you, too

a dark fog will pass through the pines

wallowing into morning

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